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LED Display Market Applications

LED Display programs in several fields of the cultural economy, including:

(1) Securities trading, financial information screen. LED display in this region accounted domestic demand for LED show, in past years for over 50 percent, LED display happens to be nevertheless the main requirements of the industry. Shenzhen Stock Market, Shanghai Stock Exchange and also the National Vanguard securities, economic enterprise corporations produced intensive utilization of LED display.

(2) Airport, bus dynamic information display. Civil Aviation Airport Construction requirements for information display is very clear, rental led display flight information display system is the product of choice, Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport, Zhuhai Airport, Xiamen Airport, Shenzhen Huangtian Airport, the new airport in Guangzhou and the dozens of new and expanded domestic airports are equipped with LED display products.

(3) Slot, place passenger information show guide. LED screen whilst the main data systems and transmission system, the practice towards the hair reveals the system, ticketing and information systems represent the traveler centre of robot methods, the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Nam Cheong Station, Dalian as well as other domestic crucial railway stations and slots products and systems have been fitted to provide domestic makers.

(4) Arena info screen. LED display has replaced the traditional lamp and CRT display, forty-third World Titles in Tianjin Sports Center for your first-time used whole-color video LED display, have already been generally praised, several domestic Shanghai Sports Core, Dalian Arena significant sports locations have followed the LED display as the major method of data display.

(5) Path traffic info present. The increase of smart transportation systems (ITS) while in the discipline of urban transport, roads as well as other, LED show as variable information boards, speed limit indications, etc., substitute equivalent foreign products, continues to be widely used.

(6) Mail center info screen. Electricity vessel, automobile powerful monitoring, vehicle level adjustment and administration, are gradually employing high -occurrence Wholesale LED Display.

(7) Company marketing and data  postal services, telecommunications, stores along with other service groups display. Support parts around the world have manufactured LED display to play with a role in the data display. (8) Marketing marketing services. Along with a single big interior and outside displays as promotion marketing, domestic cities is selling and in the cluster LED display advertising system; industrial building LED display marketing system has also been the main towns in the united kingdom in-place to obtain implemented.

(9) Performances and gatherings. Live video exhibit is increasingly frequent for substantial public and political functions, such as the 50th wedding of the beginning of Daqing, the US presidential elections, Moscow 850 anniversary celebrations, Asia Winter Olympics, the Popeis trip to Belgium, Brazil circus, all around the earth the newest millennium celebrations. These festivals big display brings creative impact within data and the advertising but additionally the unity of individuals.

(10) Industry and rent. In several shows, LED features one of the critical services the big-screen because the exhibit organizers to offer paid services to exhibitors, overseas in addition to some of the larger specialist BROUGHT large screen rental companies, additionally, there are some largescale suppliers supply rental services.

(11) Schools and hospitals. LED screen for use in universities and colleges for learners notice and coverage can be a contemporary science are informative tools. Within the hospital generally used-to advertise health information and real medicine.

Later on, the full-color LED show can be one of the most prospective product while in the promotion industry, travel industry, sports spots.

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