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LED Display Introduction

Led display screen is composed by a red or green light blinking beads to display text, images, animation, video, content can be replaced at any time, the various parts of the components are modular structure of the display device. Normally by the display module, the control system and power system. LED lamp composed by dot-matrix display modules, responsible for light-emitting display; control system by controlling the light off the corresponding region, allowing the screen to display text, pictures, video and other content, a constant dance card is mainly to play the animation; power system is responsible for input voltage and current into a voltage and current display needs.

LED display can show changes in the numbers, text, graphics and video; not only the indoor environment can also be used for outdoor environment, with a projector, TV wall, LCD screen can not match advantage.

The reason why LED widespread attention and rapid development, is that it itself has the advantage inseparable. To sum up these advantages are: high brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, small size, long life, impact resistance and stable performance. indoor led display is extremely broad prospects for development, the current is moving higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, full color direction.

LED display superior performance:

Strong brightness in direct sunlight within visual distance of the screen surface, the display is clearly visible. Super gray control with a 1024-4096 level gray scale control, display more than 16.7M colors, color vivid, three-dimensional sense. Static scanning technology uses static latch scan mode, power-driven, fully guaranteed luminous intensity.

Automatic brightness adjustment with automatic brightness adjustment function, you can get the best playback in different light conditions. Full imported LSI, greatly improved reliability, ease of debugging and maintenance. Weather work fully adapt to harsh outdoor environments, corrosion , waterproof, moisture, lightning, earthquake and strong overall performance, cost-effective, showing good performance, pixel tube can P10mm, P16mm and other specifications. advanced digital video processing, distributed scanning technology and modular design / constant static drive, automatic adjustment of brightness, ultra-bright solid color pixels. video screen clear, no jitter and ghosting, to prevent distortion.

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