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How to Choose Led Advertising Display Board for Supermarket

How should a supermarket choose suitable led advertising display board? A supermarket should choose according the features of led advertising display board and the actual needs of customers. Generally speaking, advertising digital signage used for supermarket should have such advantages as clear font, low price and easy control.


The led advertising display screen used for supermarket is mainly used for displaying advertising promotion information, and mainly displays words information and plays the video, so it usually requires better price, for this reason, P8 outdoor digital signage and semi-outdoor digital signage can be chosen. If high displaying effect is required ,indoor P3, P4 full color led display and outdoor P5 and P6 full color led can be chosen.
In addition to the factors of price and models of the led billboard, the following aspects should also be considered:

(1) Brightness
For indoor general illuminance environment, indoor led display is recommended, and for outside use, the outdoor led display board is more suitable. And for the environment with strong sunshine such as spacious hall, eave, outdoor canopy or under the roof, semi-outdoor led billboards are recommended.

(2) Displayed content
If needs to display images and video, a full color led display should be chosen.
To display words, data, table, three-dimensional figure and animation, biradical colorful grey level display panel needs to be used.
To display words, data, table and two-dimensional figure, double-color led billboard display needs to be chosen.

(3) Information capacity and visual distance
When choosing a led display board, the information capacity and optimum visual distance should also be considered. The content that can be displayed by a curved led display is unlimited, but the content that can appear on one picture is limited. Besides, every model of led display panel has its own optimum visual distance.

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