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History of LED Display

Now, let us talk about the history of led display screen.

In the early 1970s, GaAsP homojunction red, yellow, green and low luminous efficiency of LED lights has been applied, numbers and text.

Since LED begins to enter a variety of applications, including aerospace, aircraft, automotive, industrial applications, communications, consumer products, throughout the national economic sectors and households.

To 1996 LED sales in the world has reached billions of dollars. Despite many years of color and LED luminous efficiency has been limited, but because of GaP and GaAsP LED has a long life, high reliability, operating current is small, with many advantages TTL, CMOS compatible digital circuits, etc. Thus it has been a user of the Green squint. Nineties, high brightness, full color LED has been a leading subject material and device technology research.

Ultra-high brightness (UHB) is the luminous intensity reaches or exceeds 100mcd of the LED, also known as the candela (cd) grade LED. Progress in the development of high-brightness InGaN LED A1GaInP and very rapidly and has now reached conventional materials GaA1As, GaAsP, GaP impossible to achieve the level of performance. 1991 Toshiba Corporation and the United States, HP developed into InGaA1P 620nm orange ultra-high brightness LED, in 1992 GaA1p590nm yellow high brightness LED practical. In the same year, Toshiba developed InGaA1P 573nm yellow-green high brightness LED, normal light intensity up 2cd.

In 1994, Nichia Corporation of Japan developed into a blue InGaN 450nm (green) color high brightness LED. So far, the color display the desired three primary colors red, green, blue and orange, and yellow colors of the LED have reached the candela luminous intensity level to achieve the ultra-high brightness, full color, full-color light emitting tube outdoors show become a reality. LED China's development started in the seventies, eighties industry appeared in.

There are about 100 enterprises, 95% of manufacturers are engaged in packaging production, after the required die almost all imported from abroad. Through several "Five-Year Plan" of technological innovation, technical research, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and some key technology that enables the production of LED technology has step forward.

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