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Halo Series LED Video Wall Bestselling Product

The Great LED Wall

Halo series LED video wall bestselling product

The ultimate purpose of Eachinled is to bring values and benefits to customers by creating progressive LED screen and coming up with new ideas, each LED screen from Eachinled is designed based on customer experience, we tailor customer needs and market needs to create customized LED video screen and easy to use, we carry our mission throughout entire manufacturing process and cultivate our people to understand customer needs and put themselves in customers shoes.

By doing so, heretofore several LED video screens have come up and won customer satisfaction, especially our latest model Halo series LED video wall, this series including indoor P2.5,P3,P3.9 and outdoor P4.8, P5.95 LED pixel display, these LED video panels share same advantage and feature and also unique.

Halo Series LED Video Screen-01.jpg

The halo series LED display screen has dual signal connectors, one for primary use, one for backup, when the primary signal connectors fail the backup signal connectors can immediately kick in.

The halo series LED display screens share the same quick locks design, which allows the same pixel LED display connecting together with different size cabinet.

Besides the the P2.5 Indoor HD small pixel LED screen, the rest of LED screens all have a LCD screen as a monitor in the back to show the temperature. Voltage and total running hour.

Speaking of the difference, P2.5 Indoor LED video screen is equipped with MBI5153 high refresh IC ( 3840Hz) and the cabinet size is 480mmx480mm.

P3 and P3.9 Indoor LED video screen with cabinet size 500mmx500mm, the LED and IC is the same as P2.5.

The outdoor P4.8 and P5.95 are the shining star, The LED is SMD2525 different than any of outdoor screens from other companies, the LED mask is new conceptual design, the mask is brimless which greatly increase the viewing angle from 140/120 to 160/160, and also increase the brightness of the LED.

Since the Halo series introduced, the total sale record has reached to 3,262 square meter, P2.5 Indoor HD small pixel display has been sold 562 square meter, P3.9 Indoor event LED video screen has been sold 1,038 square meter, The outdoor P4.8 has been sold 1,256 square meter, the P5.95 has been sold 406 square meter. As you can see from this figure, Indoor P3.9 and Outdoor P4.8 are the most bestselling products in this series, it generates enormous impact on the future LED screen development and market need, according to marketing team study, Indoor P3.9 and P4.8 Outdoor LED video screen will play a major role on the in the next 2 or 3 years before indoor P2.5 resolves the LED damage issue on event rental market and heat releasing issue of P3.9 Outdoor LED screen.

We believe it’s right time to have these two types LED screens for your business before it’s too later.

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