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HD P3 Indoor Events Rental LED Display Contract Signed And Paid With Cash By Belarus Client !

As the the market demands more and more LED Displays for various applications such as DJ,birthday parties,anniversary celebrations,award ceremonies,conferences,exhibitions in Eastern Europe . A Belarus Client visited to Eachinled for HD P3 Indoor Events Rental LED Display.



He was attracted by the huge LED Display being aging in our factory,the vivid display effect and high grey scale and refresh rate impressed him deeply.Besides,he “played” with one panel happily!What else can be easier to learn a product than holding in your hands?


Our sales manager,Mr.Jackie Qiu explained the details to him and take him to seeing all our production lines,he was satisfied with our well organized manufacturing steps and the elegant 480mmx480mm cabinet design!Even more,it is with cost-effective price!.


Finally,the client decided to take the deal for 92cabinets,total 21.19sqm for his first project ! He signed the contract with us and paid cash right away !


When finished the deal , Jackie Qiu invited client to dinner , they Cheers for this great business ! Cheers Eachinled ! Cheers future !


Jackie Qiu
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Mob / Whatsapp: +86 13580115134
Youtube : Jackie Eachinled

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