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Eachinled outdoor black LED display heightens realistic rendering of images and video

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Lately, the black LED display has achieved a new status not only in indoor applications but also in outdoor display applications. What is the difference between the black lamp and white lamp used in an LED display in practical applications?
An LED display based on a black lamp uses black packaging plastic stents, while the white-lamp-based LED display uses white packaging plastic stents. The former produces more unified color and higher contrast compared with the latter. With the increasing demand for the black LED display, some LED enterprises choose to increase their investment in black LED display production.
Eachinled performed a contrast test between the P10 white display and the P10 black display; here are the technology parameters of the two displays.

                    P10 white lamp LED display        P10 black lamp display
Display Size:    2560mm*1280mm                      2560mm*1280mm
Resolution:     256*128                                    256*128
Pixel Pitch:     10mm                                        10mm
Viewing Angle: H140°/V140°                            H140°/V140°
Brightness:       7426nits                                   4355nits
Protection Level: IP65                                      IP65

Eachinled's black lamp LED display is on the right; the left is the white lamp LED display, and the contrast effect is very obvious. The black display exhibits a higher contrast ratio and color fidelity.

P10 is Eachinled's top selling product, with a wider viewing angle, better consistency, higher contrast, and better oxidation resistance than DIP products. To provide better products for our clients and expand product diversity, Eachinled has officially released the outdoor P10 black lamp LED display. Black LED displays bring outdoor digital signage to a new level.

1. High contrast
Black shell bracket could improve the contrast at a maximum level, which exhibits vivid video images, and the color is more realistic.

2. True color
Eachinled selects high quality outdoor SMD black LED lamps, which use matte technology to avoid reflective surfaces and resolve the problem of outdoor glare; at the same time it improves the quality of the picture.

3. Wide viewing angle
140°H/V, fabulous visual performance from various angles.

4. High consistency
From different angles, red, green, blue ensure the consistent brightness of the LED display in any viewing angle, which can achieve vivid effects.

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