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Eachinled Sales Engineer, Giving Indonesia Customer A Better Service Experience

Recently, many customer in Indonesia with a large quantity need for led screen 3.91 mm indoor, they may need 50sqm, 72sqm or 100sqm, mainly used for church backdrops, audio video rental led display. Eachinled sent our professional sales engineer to Indonesia, giving a better service for you in local place.

Eachinled Engineer take the newest front service design 500mmx500mm die cast aluminum cabinet led display, the new products have been mass production, with good quality and high resolution, pixel can be made of 3.91,4.81,6.25(outdoor).the customer who already bought the old 3.91mm led wall, would want to order more 288pcs new type led panels for his church stage decoration.

Furthermore, customer study our new products catalog carefully, negotiate the led video wall price with our sales engineer, some of them might come in next month to visit Eachinled factory and continue discuss more for their led screen display project.

Indonesia customer are very friendly, the engineer share with us  lots of video display photos from local side, we believe that  Eachined would get much more market share in Indonesia after such business trip.

Event Rental led screen Church stage P3.9 indoor rental led display.jpgEvent Rental LED Screen Church Stage P3.9 Indoor Rental LED Display

Church backdrop Led screen 3.91 mm indoor.jpg
Church Backdrop LED Screen 3.91 mm indoor

Meeting Church screen customer in Cirebon.jpg
Meeting Church Screen Customer in Cirebon

Negotiated the led vdieo wall price.jpg
Negotiated The LED Video Wall Price

Study Eachinled Product Catalog carefully.jpg
Customer Study Eachinled Product Catalog Carefully

Solo customer Invite Eachinled sales engineer for dinner.jpg
Solo Customer Invite Eachinled Sales Engineer For Dinner

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