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EACHINLED LED Screens That Take Care of Outdoor Advertisements--- You've got the advertisements, we've got the way!

Every year it becomes more difficult to attract people’s attention to advertising. However, smart marketing specialists know that being useful is the best way to attract a customer.

EACHINLED collected a few examples of outdoor advertising that draw clients in and offer them something useful. 

 In Great Britain, these yellow stands remind people not to drop cigarettes on the ground by asking them to "vote" with the cigarette end on some debatable question.



Sprite put shower stalls shaped like soda fountains at beaches.



Carlsberg. Probably the best poster in the world.



This social advertising vividly shows how riding bicycles makes the air cleaner.



Then later appears outdoor LED Billboard as example in Trinidad and Tobago



While everyone is sharing free Wi-Fi, EACHINLED launched LED outdoor stage video led screens for advertisements promotion with Wi-Fi-free zones.

Also we called it interactive billboard/ video wall in modernized city.



How do you feel about Outdoor Advertisements expanded by EACHINLED LED Screens?

Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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