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Business travel has come to a successful completed——Pay tribute to friendly and diligent Ecuador LED display dealers

1502356324111284.jpgAll along, the United States and South America are our very vital market.our company 70% orders of led screen from America, and South America . So we plan a business trip here. Now , let me bring you into one part of this-- Ecuador.

We are aware that e-commerce is not very developed there,they usually look for local suppliers by yellow pages, imports mainly used B2B platforms, Such as alibaba, wish ; customers are very cautious, worried cheated, Therefore, they usually buy 12 sqm led screen for trying.They told us that they pay much attention to Alibaba, but they can't communicate with the Chinese suppliers well due to language problem, bring ambiguity that affect his decision.

The sample of indoor p2.97 , p3.9 and outdoor P4.8 to show for our customer, it display a awesome visual effect, so several customers decide to buy immediately.


Here specially give our old customer big thanks for his help and support. He translated for us full trip, and helped us solve the customer's problem. We can get these order so fastly , in addition to our sample is good, he also contributed his power.

This trip, not only help us have a further understanding for the developed condition of local LED screen industry, but also get more know about the needs of customers, get close to our customer make us become truthful.

What a meaningful business trip!

Author: Suki


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