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Breaking News! Successful Project in Central America Guatemala

Breaking News! Successful Project in Central America Guatemala

Outdoor high resolution LED Billboard P5, P6 are more and more popular among advertising business. Eachinled has finished 175 square meter order of 960mmx960mm P6 Outdoor SMD3535 LED Billboard for our customer from Guatemala. With the development of technology, outdoor LED screen for billboard will be the trend to outdoor advertising business, and SMD is the future for indoor and outdoor LED screens, and better yet, small pixel pitch for indoor and outdoor LED screen is developing fast for market needs.

The project of P6 outdoor LED screen billboard is acquired by a shopping center, their purpose is to have a giant LED billboard to advertise brands and promotions on the outside wall of the shopping center, and they estimate the impact of this LED screen, “it will make a tremendous success for the shopping center.” The owner of the shopping says.

This is an outstanding project for both of us, Eachinled sets up the first big outdoor LED screen billboard in Central America, it means that we are capable of providing qualified product and services to customer in this areas. On the other hand, the project is considered to a landmark in the city of Guatemala, it brings mutual benefits to customer and to Eachinled, we believe that with this successful project in central America, we will have more business opportunities in this region.


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