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Bestselling Product P3.9E Indoor Rental LED Screen

Bestselling Product P3.9E Indoor Rental LED Screen
No doubt, P3.9E Indoor event rental LED screen is the bestselling product in the last quarter. In fourth quarter of 2015, P3.9E indoor audio visual production LED screen has been breaking its selling records, 280 square meters was sold to Europe, 330 square meters was exported to South America, 160 square meter was bought by customers from Middle East 120 square meter was sold to North America and 230 square meters confirmed order are still being manufactured for customers.
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Since this model launched in 2014, it has been proven to be the most competitive products on the market, in terms of quality, its visual effect fantastic in close (3m) viewing distance, regarding is dependability, it’s made of die casting aluminum material and equipped with high quality electronic components, needless to say its reliability and lifespan, it lasts for about 4 year before major issue appears, concerning the cost, it is the most economical model of any other P3.9 Indoor LED screen in the industry. 
According to LED screen industry study indicate that the P3.9E Indoor LED screen is trouble free for about 5,000,000 hours. For 1 and half years, it has won the top customer satisfied rating in several surveys. As a result, now the P3.9E indoor LED screen is the bestselling product on the market.
We at Eachinled take responsibility for our products, quality tests have been seriously carried out during every manufacturing process, we deliver not just product, but we deliver reputation of quality, brand awareness, mutual benefits and profit to our customers.
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