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African Nation's Development of LED Screen

As we all know, with development of economy, bilateral trade and infrastructure in African countries, China has been playing a major role in this region, under the government support Chinese enterprises have established good relationship with African countries and also established factories in African countries, especially in South African, Ivory Coast and Kenya, Eachinled has a chance once in a blue moon to work on several major LED screen project with South Africa and Ivory Coast companies. 

To be specific, one of our customers who is one of sponsors of African national football league, they have been providing football stadium LED screen project for years, and the projects cover all the stadium in African nations, given that we at Echinled and our customer have a consensus that is to be strategic partners in these projects, we provide personnel training, installation instruction and on-site engineering instruction, customer provides specific measurement, project details and resources to accomplish the project with ease.

One important fact, in African countries, it seems that they like to get competitive product from China, one thing that we have learned from them, for big project and long lasting equipments, they would like to consider quality as priority matter in business, Echinled has known their consumption concept, to cater their buying behavior, Eachinled consistently carries its mission to provide quality product to customer. 

Looking ahead, Eachinled has a promising future of its development and extending its brand awareness in African countries and other regions.

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