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20 sqm of indoor P3.91 LED display shiped to Chile

We finished Chile order of indoor P3.91, it was shipped to Chile successfully yesterday.

20 sqm of indoor P3.91 LED display shiped to Chile

Eachinled usually provide 24 monthes warranty to our customer, beside shipping the LED screens, we will shipping some spare parts to you for free. Base on Chile order, he bought 80 pcs panels of indoor P3.91, we shipped him 80 pcs power cables and 80 pcs signal cables which is necessary, we also shipped him 6 pcs signal cables and 7 power cables as spare parts. Also, we have shipped him 100 pcs LEDs, 45 pcs MBI5124 IC, 4 pcs LED module of 250x250mm, 10 pcs module fask, 2 G-energy power supply and so on. We always promise enough spare parts for every orders, that will do some help to our customers.

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