• P3.9 Indoor Live Broadcast Video Product LED Video Wall

    Live broadcast video production LED screen are being applied to TV stations, staging performance, theaters, live music concerts, festivals and acting opera house, at present, LED screen as a new audiovisual production in modern world has become more and more important in visual effect and live show area.

  • P3.9 Indoor Video Production LED Display For Care Dealership

    P3.9 LED display performs on car dealership stage in Monterrey Mexico; it helps car promotion events, presentations and featuring introduction. P3.9 Indoor rental LED video wall will also benefit car dealership industry and other product launch events.

  • P3.9 Indoor LED Screen Church Background Video Wall

    Choir is an important part of a holy church, they praise and sing immaculately. To present devout blessing to believers and people, LED video screen will help them propagate their blessing and wishes. Klaksivk church In Faroe Islands has used P3.9 Indoor LED video production for choir, P3.9 Indoor LED audiovisual production LED video wall will fulfill its duty.

  • P5.95 Indoor LED Displays Perform On Russian Stage Show

    As a very economical LED display P5.95 has successfully performed very well in Dubna stage, it takes itself responsibilities to render, display and accompany with other video or audio equipment creating a fantastic live broadcast effect and picturesque spectacle on the stage. P5.95 stage backdrop LED video walls have let to tremendous success on stage effect, stage decoration, stage background re..

  • P4.8 Indoor Rental LED Video Wall For Boxing Match

    ED display screens are being used in many occasions, events and activities. In recent years LED video walls have been spreading in sport events, such as: boxing matches, car racing, football matches, cycling, marathon, etc. As an audio video equipment LED display screens have proved it to be a new video production in recreational industry, we believe that LED display will be using in more and mor..

  • P3.9 Indoor Live Equipment LED Video Wall Creates Magic Stage Backdrop Effect

    The cabinet of P3.9 Indoor LED display is made of lightweight material Die Casting Aluminum, its light (6.5KG), thin (65mm) and precise making its transportation, assembly and disassembly convenient...

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