• P5.95 Indoor LED screen for stage video wall auditorium in Mexico

    P5.95 Indoor led video wall are widely used in conferences, presentations, launch promotions, anniversaries, award ceremonies, commencements and auditorium. In mexico we have a 10mx5m LED video wall screen as a electronic slide, it is being used for giving lectures, seminars, addresses, presentations meetings and art performances. We believe that this audio equipment will lead to tremendous succes..

  • P6.944 Indoor Nightclub LED Video Wall

    LED video wall screens are very popular with nightclub and DJ pub especially in The U.S, we have had several projects in different cities and states in The U.S. P6.944 is very economical product for nightclub and DJ uses.

  • P4.8 Indoor Event Rental Production LED Video Wall In Ukraine


  • P5.2 Indoor rental LED video walls represent in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Conference video system is changing, LED video wall is taking its place, LED video wall has as much function as projector and its brightness is much better that projector, it supports all media formats, it is good choice to have a LED video wall in high class conference or congress room.

  • Nightclub LED Video Wall In The U.S

    As we all know, nightclub and DJ culture are very prevalent in The U.S, it presents Americans lifestyle and balancing of work and life. To create a pleasant and enjoyable scenery in nightclubs and DJ events, LED display screen would implement a lot. LED display screens can interact with man about town and display fantasy visual effect, that people can enjoy ecstatic atmosphere.

  • LED Panel For Wedding Decoration

    P4.8 Interior removable led video wall panels are massively used in events, recreational activities, Dj boott, nightclubs, wedding eventos, concerts, symphonies, and stage TV wall. P4.8 Internal portable LED screen has been sold to UAE, Saudi Arabia, gulf region, Australia, Sweden and Costa Rica.

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