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Stage effects

  • P5.95 Indoor Event Rental Production LED Tiles For Stage backdrop

    P5.95 Indoor event production LED tiles is especially design for stage backdrop use, it has been proven to be the most economical, suitable LED tiles, in terms of large scale applications, for instance: stage background decoration, TV station stage and events in big venues. The reason customers choose P5.95 Indoor event rental production LED tiles is its flexibility and changeability of install..

  • P3.9 Indoor Audio Visual Production LED Screen For Fashion Show

    P3.9 Indoor Audio Visual Production LED Screen For Fashion ShowProject Location: EcuadorDimension: 4mx3mProduct Type: P3.9  Fashion show events are usually classy and eye-catching, P3.9 indo

  • P4.8 Indoor AV Production LED Screen For Stage Backdrop

    P4.8 Indoor AV Production LED Screen For Stage BackdropProject Location: The U. SDimension: 30 Square MeterProduct Type: P4.8  To bring a magnificent visual effect for stage backdrop, events

  • P4.8 Indoor Audio System LED Screen For Parties

    P4.8 Indoor Audio System LED Screen For PartiesProject Location: Argentina Dimension: 4mx3mProduct Type: P4.8  People just like to throw a party to celebrate festival, events, fest, pageants and

  • P3.9 Indoor Rental LED Video Wall For Award Ceremonies

    P3.9 Indoor Audiovisual Equipment Event Rental Production LED Video Wall Project Location: Auckland New Zealand Dimension: 5mx3m/2mx2mx2SetsProduct Type: P3.9 LED screens in c

  • P3.9 Indoor Live Broadcast Video Product LED Video Wall

    Live broadcast video production LED screen are being applied to TV stations, staging performance, theaters, live music concerts, festivals and acting opera house, at present, LED screen as a new audiovisual production in modern world has become more and more important in visual effect and live show area.

  • P5.95 Indoor LED Displays Perform On Russian Stage Show

    As a very economical LED display P5.95 has successfully performed very well in Dubna stage, it takes itself responsibilities to render, display and accompany with other video or audio equipment creating a fantastic live broadcast effect and picturesque spectacle on the stage. P5.95 stage backdrop LED video walls have let to tremendous success on stage effect, stage decoration, stage background re..

  • P5.95 LED Curtain for Stage Picturesque Effect

    P5.95 LED Curtain panel for Video Wall Picturesque Effect In Palace Of Culture Puerto Rico

  • P5.95 Indoor Stage LED Video Wall Concert Visual Effect

    LED screens definitely create splendid visual effect on stage, whatever playing videos or rendering effect led video wall will meet the requirements, most stage performances, concerts, show contest s, fashion shows, special events use audiovisual production LED video wall to make good visual effect. let's see how it works.

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