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DJ booths

  • P4.8 Indoor High Quality LED Screens For Nightclub

    P4.8 Indoor High Quality LED Screens For NightclubProject Location: Th U.SDimension: 6x4mProduct Type: P4.8  Increase your revenue with LED display rentals, now we got a new invention humani

  • DJ Stage LED Screen In Italy

    DJ Stage LED Screen In Italy

  • Nightclub LED Video Wall In The U.S

    As we all know, nightclub and DJ culture are very prevalent in The U.S, it presents Americans lifestyle and balancing of work and life. To create a pleasant and enjoyable scenery in nightclubs and DJ events, LED display screen would implement a lot. LED display screens can interact with man about town and display fantasy visual effect, that people can enjoy ecstatic atmosphere.

  • DJ, Night club bar decorations 6.9mm led wall panel

    It is the first time of this customer buying led screen displays, but everytime this customer bring us creative and amazing feeling of his success business, from that we found the hot selling p6.9mm indoor led video wall not only be hanging on truss as hanging led display, it also can be divided into each one cabinet of 500mmx1000mm, standing by left and right sides in different angle to be more a..

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