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P3.9 高清户内活动会议全彩LED显示屏

P3.9 Indoor HD Video Full Color Rental LED Display Screen For Conference Events
Project Location: The U.S
Dimension: 50m2
Product Type: P3.9 
We work with you to highlight the stage, bring the big stage background screen for your corporate meeting, conference events, attract more audience and made a great success.
Full-service event video equipment full color screen is what Eachinled does best, and we do it by understanding each client’s needs, manufacturing good quality led panels for night club, DJ booth led video wall, stage background led digital screen, and provide competitive price led display cabinet, suit for various demand from our customer. Whether you get a new event planned next time, Eachinled consistently sell the best event productions across the world.
Eachinled P3.9 LED display, the indoor led large screen display is the best option.
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