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P3.9 Indoor Live Equipment LED Video Wall Creates Magic Stage Backdrop Effect

P3.9 Indoor live equipment LED video wall creates magic stage backdrop effect
Project Location: Salzburg Austria 

Dimension: 10mx3m

Product Type: P3.9

The cabinet of P3.9 Indoor LED display is made of lightweight material Die Casting Aluminum, its light (6.5KG), thin (65mm) and precise making its transportation, assembly and disassembly convenient.
Fool proof design of Ethernet Protocol makes connections easy and convenient.
Standard cabinet size 500mmx500mm consists of accurate dimensions of your project.
Equipped with professional video processor which supports all kinds of format images, videos and multiple ports
Automatically and manually adjustable brightness from 0-1500 nits and white balance 256 levels create comfortable image and video effect.
High refresh rate and refresh frequency are content with various photographs requirement for different occasions and reducing Moire effect when filming videos or taking pictures.
It’s mainly applied to events, concerts, stage backdrops, wedding backgrounds, fashion shows, exhibitions, conferences, entertainment events, church project, casinos, theaters and discos clubs.
More Project Reference, Please Download P3.9 Indoor LED Screen Brochure
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