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P4.8 Indoor AV Production LED Screen For Stage Backdrop

P4.8 Indoor AV Production LED Screen For Stage Backdrop
Project Location: The U. S
Dimension: 30 Square Meter
Product Type: P4.8 
To bring a magnificent visual effect for stage backdrop, events background decoration and concerts rendering effects P4.8 indoor LED screen will be the best option.
P4.8 Indoor AV production LED screen is perceived as the best solution to stage, concert, DJ, clubs and events, due to its visual effect is as good as P3.9 though its cost is more economical, the viewing distance of stage, concert, events is general 5 meter or above, so P4.8 is adequately meeting this requirement.
Let’s see some of our work, we believe that P4.8 indoor event rental production LED screen will bring a fascinating visual effect to you and your customer, profits will be made and customer satisfactions will be tremendously improved.
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