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P5.95 Indoor Event Rental Production LED Tiles For Stage backdrop

P5.95 Indoor Event Rental Production LED Tiles For Stage Backdrop
Project Location: Ecuador
Dimension: 30 square meter
Product Type: P5.95 
P5.95 Indoor event production LED tiles is especially design for stage backdrop use, it has been proven to be the most economical, suitable LED tiles, in terms of large scale applications, for instance: stage background decoration, TV station stage and events in big venues.
The reason customers choose P5.95 Indoor event rental production LED tiles is its flexibility and changeability of installation direction, it either can be installed vertically and horizontally to meet space limitation.
More and more customers, event equipment rental companies, event service providers and stage, lighting planning organizations are opting P5.95 Indoor audio visual production LED tiles as big LED video wall, P5.95 Indoor AV production LED screen is carrying its mission to present picturesque visual effect to people and benefit customers.
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